Kickstarter Feature

Long time no see! Sorry I’ve been away for a while–I’ve been incurably busy. I just thought I should pop in and tell you about an awesome–and geeky–Kickstarter happening right meow. 

Drowsy Aurora creates adorable plushies inspired by characters from your favorite geek fandoms. She’s running the Kickstarter campaign now through April 15, so there’s still time to become a backer. …Just do it now before you forget. 

What are the rewards? Keychains, stickers, notepads–some of the usual backer rewards. She also has the option to get a plushie of your choice. I must say, the plushies are absolutely adorable!

She also has some fun rewards planned if the goal is surpassed like a little Lord of the Rings inspired bag (see updates).

Intrigued yet? Visit the campaign here.  


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