Creative Challenge Week #3 Highlights

I can’t believe week #3 is already over! It seems like just yesterday I was scrambling to finish week #2’s project.

This past week you were challenged to create something inspired by your favorite TV show or movie. As always, there were some amazing creations; it’s so difficult to choose JUST three each week! I decided to change it to my favorite five.

If you’re interested in taking the challenge, it’s not too late! It’s never too late to start thinking more creatively. Visit my original post (here) to see what the coming weeks will bring. Join the Facebook event (here) to get updates and reminders each week.

Creative Challenge- Geek Edition, week 3The first item I’m going to highlight is from Amanda Mayer. Her current favorite series is Harry Potter, so she created these sparkly necklaces in the Hogwarts house colors. I can’t say no to glitter. 😉

Amanda from Nerdtastic
Amanda from Nerdtastic

The mom and daughters team at TC Girls Crafting created a set of Flinstones peg dolls. I bet you can’t guess what their favorite show is.

TC's Girls Crafting
TC’s Girls Crafting

A Whovian created this gem. Miranda Woodcock created this snowglobe with an Amy Pond figurine and a perler bead TARDIS. She plans on giving it to Karen Gillan herself soon!

Miranda of That's Incredibow
Miranda of That’s Incredibow

Next is another Doctor Who piece, or, well, a set. Aren’t they ADORABLE? These come from Barbara Henning.

Barbara Henning
Barbara Henning

Lastly I have to include my own creation. I had been avoiding it since I’m biased, but I should at some point, right? My two favorite fandoms are Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Since I created something from Doctor Who last week, I decided to go with Harry Potter this week. I created a little cornish pixie to get into lots of trouble.

Abby Brazell from Drowsy Aurora
Abby Brazell from Drowsy Aurora

There are SO many other amazing entries that I’d love for you to see! Stop by the Facebook event or search the hashtag #geekuary on your favorite social media sites to find them.

I hope you’ll join me next week in seeing some of the amazing creations these creative geeks have come up with!


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