MCM London Comic Con finds

I just got back from MCM Expo London Comic Con a little bit ago! Wanna see my business finds? I’ll post a few photos later.

3rd Phase Studios – a sci-fi graphic novel that looks AMAZING. I love the art. They’re actually running a Kickstarter right now:

Mojo Bones Ltd – Impact Winter – a post-apocalyptic RPG. They’re also running a Kickstarter:


Print artists and handmade shops:

Vampire Free Style – I really like the design of the cat in this comic. The comic itself is about a witch boy who’s in training and he’s searching for his girlfriend who has mysteriously vanished. Speaking black cat, magic necklace, vampire… all sorts of fun stuff.

Phantasmagorie – an artist who creates amazing prints–I saw some Disney and Sailor Moon ones there.

Himechui – an artist specializing in anime style characters. I’m a sucker for Studio Ghibli pieces.

Canvas Warriors – custom handpainted Converse. Of awesomeness. These are some of the most detailed painted shoes I’ve ever seen. They sell some other things, but I was too distracted by the shoes. You really need to go see these right meow.

Cherry Abuku – PLUSHIES. In case you didn’t know, I geek out over plushies. They make kawaii plushies.

Stitch Ann Style – geeky printed fabric made into everything–skirts, pillows, trash bins, Christmas stockings, scarves… the list goes on!

Soapasaurus – specializing in turning amazing geeky scents into products–soaps, lip balms, lotions, candles, wax melts (for all of you Scentsy addicts), and more! I must say, her booth was by far the best smelling booth there.

The Art of Helenasia – SO MUCH CAT. That’s basically why I had to stop there. They also have a comic and fun cosplay pieces.

Eat, Sleep, Sniff – MORE CAT. This guy draws cat comics, but he also has prints of all of your favorite geeky characters as cats!

Jellie Bee – Art by Morgan Amelia – an artist with a thriving YouTube channel. She makes sketchbooks, stickers, badges, and prints, many inspired by anime.

DestinyBlue – is amazing. Fantastic. Beautiful. You simply must visit the page to see what I’m talking about, but the art GLOWS! And not in a cheesy way.

Sophira-lou – a manga illustrator who creates original characters.

Harmful Raes – – Llamas as geeky characters.

Lastly two of my favorites, from whom I happened to make purchases:

Emma Cain : Artist – an illustrator, designer, multimedia artist, and plush maker. I bought a minky Doctor Whooves.

Pai-thagoras – they create adorable chibi-ified characters–there’s everything from animes to Harry Potter to kawaii! I bought a baby Groot print, an Adventure Time print, and a Tenth Doctor print.


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